Garrett Middleton at the 2016 Kilt O the Falls Celtic Festival

Garrett Middleton at the 2016 Kilt O the Falls Celtic Festival

Caber toss

Caber toss

Cabers and Stones and Sheefs

This year we will be hold sanctioned games (meaning for points on the SAAA circuit) for members of the SAAA. Don't worry if you're not a member, the games are still open to all to try.

Our games will include (click for Wikipedia articles) 




1. Competitors are encouraged to wear a kilt during the competition.

2. Competitors 16/17 years of age must have parent/guardian signature on this registration and parent/guardian must be present during competition.

3. Competitors must signed a registration form to compete in the games.

4. Decisions of the Judges and Athletic Director are final.

5. The organizers of the Highland Game reserve the right to change, combine, or eliminate scheduled events.

6. Participants release all rights to any photographs or facsimiles taken of them during the games and grant the organizers of the games the right to use, reproduce and publish the photographs of facsimiles at their discretion.

7. The competition is expected to include nine events of Scottish Highland athletics; however, the scheduling of final competition events is at the discretion of the Athletic Director and Judges.

8. Do not use profanity on the athletic field.



2016 Black Sheep Games Athletes

2016 Black Sheep Games Athletes

Athletic Images from 2016 Kilt O the Falls Festival provided by Corey Wallis